Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blessed beyond measure

YES! Running a small holding is hard work. YES! The overheads are high - the rates, the vet's bills, the maintenance which never stops...

BUT, every day brings with it precious moments to treasure. Sights, sounds, smells - all working together to form a special blessing.  I am so grateful, and so aware, that we are so tremendously blessed to live in this lovely place.

Having a week's break from school has enabled me to give free rein to create and craft and be with my animals and I have taken full advantage of it. Not only that, I have had time to spend with my husband in the studio - me, painting and crafting and he, making a mini xylophone out of discarded marimba notes, our dogs sprawled on the floor around us, beautiful views of the herb garden and bird life around us, listening to soothing music.  Just bliss!

Acrylic painting by me inspired by Mexican Folk elements

Fruits of the Spirit reminder boxes crafted on hardboard with fabric roses
Close up of Peace box.  There are peace quotes written around the sides.

Dear Husband working out his xylophone design...

The notes all sanded and sealed...
 Farm news is that Ben has been neutered and has had his extra toes removed.  After being very sore yesterday, he has spent quite an energetic day!
My beautiful Big Ben!
 This is part of our new mini nature trail at the bottom of our property...reminds me of England!  It is such fun for the dogs to charge along.

Lucy stopping for a rest
This is the planned area for a fire pit.

Roses and Morning Glory in wild can accuse me of having a manicured garden!!

Gardening, Baking, Reading, Crafting, Caring for Animals, Painting, Watching TV and Pizza with the whole family......And that was the first day of May 2014!

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