Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Autumn is not my favourite time of year.  The heat at midday can be searing, leaving all living things wilting.  However, the evenings are pleasantly balmy, with some beautiful starlit skies.

We are on school break at the moment, and loving every moment of getting stuck into our house and cottages, trying to finish all things undone and have a massive sort before the new term begins. 

News for the animal front is that Lucy, our St Dane seems to be expecting puppies. Of course, Ben, our new Great Dane has had something to do with it.  Although Muddy Paws has seen the birth of many creatures, puppies will be a first!  Watch this space! 

We have also had a new addition to the animal family - Eeyore, the donkey came to live with us at Christmas time.  What a character!  He soon made himself at home, and now rules the roost.

More country recipes coming soon...

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