Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Garden crafting!

The school holidays are upon us, as well as beautiful sunny winter days. What better place to be than getting your hands dirty in the garden - a happy few morning hours spent propagating, bagging, replanting and recycling tin cans into delightful miniature planters, leaving me pleased with having spent my first 'holiday morning' productively...scenes from a morning at Muddy Paws Farm.

Use a hammer and a thick nail to knock at least 10 holes in the base of the can to allow for drainage (if doing this with children, please be careful - but, they just love it!).  Next, cut a piece of wire long enough for a handle and turnings.  Put the can on the ground sideways with the opening facing you.  Use a long nail and a hammer to drive a hole through the side of the can, and repeat on the opposite side.  This can be a little tricky.  Thread your wire through each hole and turn so that the handle is secure on the can.  Put some loose gravel or stones in the base of the can, fill with potting soil, and plant your seedling!  Don't forget to water every day, as the pot can dry out quite quickly.

These added some fun to my shed wall!

Chamomile transplants

Moyo resting - a little disgruntled because Mum is in the next field!

My beautiful Daisy girl!

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