Friday, March 23, 2012

Birthday celebrations!

My men enjoying their starters...
Last Sunday we closed up shop and headed for the beautiful green hills of the KZN midlands after kidnapping my dear husband in order to treat him to a special birthday out with a very special lunch at La Lampara, a delightful Italian restaurant.

What a beautiful place!  The food was delicious, nothing was too much trouble and the friendly service was impeccable without being pretentious...The beautiful red brick buildings and lush green fields surrounding the restaurant which is set on a farm had my mind imagining what it must have felt like to come upon this prime piece of property and then build a dream of opening a hugely successful restaurant miles away from anywhere off the beaten track - I will never stop dreaming!

As we approached this place, comments were heard from the back seat occupants - "I bet we are going to be the only ones here, this place is so far from anything...".   I had, of course, researched this restaurant and read the reviews, and so I just smiled knowingly.  Upon entering the car park area, the said words needed to be retracted!

The greatest blessing of the day was that we spent time as a family together - these times are few and far between these days with our young men all grown up!

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