Sunday, February 5, 2012

Of Cows, chickens and abundance!

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him..." - Romans 8 vs. 28
Simple, abundant beauty in violas
Summer lavender

One of my favourite corners

I noticed last Sunday that my Daisy cow had been unusually quiet, and whilst walking her back to her pen for the night, discovered, to my absolute horror, a tick infestation on her udder and in her back right groin.  I immediately suspected a tick borne disease.

Monday morning saw a dramatic rise in temperature and the vet was called - my suspicions were confirmed.  The vet gave Daisy an intravenous treatment and two intramuscular shots - and left me with two syringes for the next couple of days.  Now, injecting Daisy is one of the things I just HATE doing - the thought of it brings instant nausea - but I know that if one keeps a cow, these things are inevitable.  The fluid in the syringe had a stinging effect and this made it all the worse.  Imagine my horror when two days later, the vet prescribed another 3 days worth of injections as Daisy's temperature had spiked yet again.  Well, we got through it, and Daisy appears on the mend.  We just hope that the little calf will not be affected.  I am still picking ticks off Daisy...I have compassion for all things, but I can't stand cockroaches and ticks!

I am watching Hansie, our new arrival, very closely and checking him constantly for ticks, as they are obviously on the land at the moment.  What a dear little fellow he is, with such a wonderful personality - I think we need to get him a little wife!

Summer Herb Garden
This week also saw the arrival of 8 happy and healthy chicks to 3 mummy hens.  We have separated them into 3 chicks for one mummy and 5 for the other, and the third one is still pancake flat on the eggs which are as yet unhatched - some of the eggs were laid much later by some other hens who insisted on their right to lay eggs in the same nesting box as the broody hens - resisting all growls and pecks!

Our little outreach art group started up again this week - we are working on Hearts as a theme for Valentine's day.  I hope to post some pics next week.  It was great to have these young people back again - I look forward to another year of creating with them!  I want to hold a little art exhibition for them towards the end of the year.

Herb Nursery

Dried lavender

Bookshop & Bric a Brac


Oils at Insight

Artful corner at Insight

His heart is Abundant and Beautiful..

They also discovered the granadilla vine, and had to be warned not to pick the green granadillas.  This immediately heralded a search for purple granadillas and a bounty of around fifteen purple granadillas were harvested and duly shared - once again the spirit of Ubuntu....!

There are so many little things that give me pleasure just to look at at our little farm, so many things that nudge me closer to God...yes, this week has been an abundant week.  Thank you Lord, for your amazing grace in so many circumstances and thank You for Your abundant blessings.

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