Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hansie - our new addition!


The goathouse

We are so very excited to have Hansie, a little goat, join our Muddy Paws Family!  A gift from a wonderful, gentle couple who visited our little farm with a garden club, and decided to trust us with a new home for their precious little goat, who they reared from a tiny kid!

The sturdy little goathouse was built by the gentleman who gave Hansie to us, and rests against a beautiful camel's foot tree in cool dappled shade in a large pen which houses the chickens as well.

Our dogs did not know what to make of Hansie, although Hansie is quite used to dogs.  They are still 'sniffin' the situation out!  I hope that Hansie will be very happy here at Muddy Paws!

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