Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cupcake Texture

Our little group has spent the last 4 weeks creating some textured cupcake art, and they were thrilled with the outcome!  Once again, my friend and hugely talented colleague, Carey (see ) shared this idea with me.  We decided to make these as Christmas presents for the children's parents.
We used little boxes which had been donated to us.  We then cut up sheets of words and pasted them in random order inside the box, covering them with a layer of podge.  The children then drew the outline of a cupcake, which they filled with toilet paper / glue mache.  They then brought them to life with some beautiful acrylics!

Once again I was intrigued to note that, as this project involved a few weeks and some children were absent and replaced with others, there was no worry about completing each other's work - a spirit of 'ubuntu' reigns, where all look after each other!

The children had also made Christmas cards which I had sold for them.  The joy on their faces after receiving their 'wages' was wonderful!  Not only were they being rewarded for their work, but the intention of letting them understand that their work was of worth was achieved.  The children who had worked harder than others, producing more cards, received more pay, and herein was another lesson!

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