Saturday, September 10, 2011


Spring has only just begun, and already there is an abundance of beauty to be seen in the garden - it makes me think of that old saying that one is closer to God in a garden than anywhere else... I have hand picked and bundled over 2000 stems of lavender over the past two days, harvesting from just 18 of my beautiful French lavender bushes.  The Christmas trees are growing, the chickens are giving us 5 - 6 luscious bright yellow yolked eggs per day, Daisy cow is content and growing, the strawberries are ripening, I have picked my very own freesias and ranunculus for the first time in my life, the lavender fields are full, and the annual blooming Spanish lavenders are putting out infinite buds.

Genovese basil, sweet basil, kale, sweetmelon, potatoes, beetroot - all have been planted in seed trays.  I am waiting for a harvest of rocket, pak choi, tsa tsoi and butter lettuce seeds, while we have cos lettuce and spinach in abundance.

Blossoms are out on the peach tree, the lemon tree, the avocado and litchi trees.  We have harvested two banana branches with the sweetest bananas.  The mulberries are ripening.

Each evening we are serenaded by the beautiful sound of the wood owls calling to each other.

I read somewhere once that nature is abundant.  Yes, she is.  But I also believe that we have a Great and Generous God who rejoices in blessing us, a God of Beauty and Joy.  Yes, of course I have problems - but I think that 'my cup overflows' with goodness.  Thank you, Lord.

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