Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kaleidoscopic life!

A kaleidoscopic episode!  That is how I feel I need to describe this past month as so much has happened in different areas of my life.
Firstly, we had two batches of chicks hatch, and, as is now usual at Muddy Paws Farm, each batch had two moms each.  What a sociable bunch my hens appear to be!  As we have to keep the young chicks safe from the many eagles, hawks and gymnogenes in our area, my husband got the task of building a beautiful chicken ark to house them as they grew.
Feeling inspired, enough timber and screws were bought to make two arks. "Knock this easy chicken ark up in a day", the magazine article stated cheerfully.  Three full days later, a  much enlightened, exhausted, stiff and sore man sat at the kitchen table, triumphant that he had created the best chicken ark in the neighbourhood!  Unfortunately, the timber is still waiting for the next ark which is desperately needed as the rabbits now need seperating...!  Life on a smallholding is never dull.

We had a visit from HCA's preschool group and the children had a fantastic time picking lavender, planting their own little plants and ended off their morning with a butter-making session!  I ran out of bread as the children devoured mounds covered in freshly made butter before packing up and leaving.  I think the highlight of their visit was when I surprised Slippers just as she laid her egg, and the children saw it being laid!  Of course they all had to have a feel of the warm, newly laid egg.

Daisy got a husband in the form of Milky Way, a little jersey bull with a creamy stripe down his back.  He is on loan from a neighbour to get better aquainted with my beautiful girl and we think we may be expecting!!  Watch this space!!

Our outreach group exhibited their art at the fifth CrestFest Children's Arts Festival held annually at Hillcrest Christian Academy.  This Arts Festival was originally begun at my initiative five years ago and has been a hugely successful venture, held together by wonderful and committed teachers.  Our little group exhibited their paper mache sunburst plates, their paper and plastic bead bracelets and necklaces, and their favourite - 'Pinwheels for Peace' -  colourful painted large pinwheels made with a little personal prayer inside.  These will be held high in the breeze on September 21 to celebrate International Peace Day.  Visit to learn more of this project.

Our Marimba Band visited the 6th National Marimba Festival held in Boksburg and had an amazing time!  They learned so much and have come back inspired and raring to go!  Have a look at them in action in this video!  Awesome!  

How richly blessed and abundant life has been. 

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