Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Winter Garden 2011

Me, oh My!  Since my adventure in companion planting, I have not looked back!  I cannot believe the difference in my winter garden this year compared to my winter garden last year...We are reaping tons of Tsa Tsoi and Pak Choi (Asian Greens!), having finally discovered these vegetables here in South Africa after having tasted them in China.  Delicious stir fried with a little veg or chicken stock!

My turnips are so pretty, with purple tops peeping out of the rich brown soil under an umbrella of bright green foliage - It feels a shame to pull them!  But, pull them I will!!  I have also managed to grow a beautiful Iceberg crisp lettuce for the first time - not a blemish on it!  I can only put this down to companioning it with garlic and chives.  We have also harvested quite a bit of courgette / zucchini and preserved this as 'glutney' chutney - an excellent recipe I found on the net which I modified by adding garlic and fresh chilli. 
Tomorrow I plan to plant a few more trays of veg for succession planting.  I can't wait till Spring, if this is the bounty I am receiving in Winter.  Somebody once said that Nature is Abundant - I feel tremendously blessed to be able to harvest as I have.  My special gift for today?  The flowering of my very first pansies planted from seed.  Thank you, Jesus.

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