Saturday, May 21, 2011

What do you do when life hands you lemons?

Our little marimba outreach group was unable to get to the music room at Hillcrest Christian Academy this weekend due to lack of transport.  It takes both cars to transport them usually, as there are a total of 7 bodies to transport.
The group is a blessing to us.  They really love playing marimbas, but this is a problem sometimes when Ian is working on a Saturday and needs to use his car.  How I would love to own a couple of marimbas!!  That way we could meet whenever we wanted to!

So, after having to cancel last week, due to a similar circumstance, and then almost having to do the same this week, I decided to 'make lemonade'! (in answer to the title question!!!!)

I brought the practice photostated cardboard marimba boards home so that the children could practice on them to remember their note sequences, and then planned an art lesson.  My friend and colleague, the art teacher at HCA, was such a star, and gave me lots of advice and loaned me one of her lessons.  Oh Wow, Wow, Wow!!!

The kids LOVED it - they took to thinking out of the box and learned a few simple techniques. The funniest moment was when I told them to paint the grass area of their backing page yellow, and then, after it dried, to paint over it with green (I wanted them to use the back of their brush to etch grass stems into the thick green paint, revealing the yellow underlay).  They though I was crazy, and kept on painting a little green, then looking up at me several times to make sure that this was really what they were supposed to do! 

The pics you see below are of their work drying.  Next week we will spend some time putting stars in the sky and adding finishing touches.

I can see that my outreach work will soon be extending ...!  Praise God for the beautiful faces shining with pride at what they have produced, and thanks to my wonderful friend for her mentorship.

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