Thursday, April 14, 2011

One Giant Leap of Faith...

Sitting at the workshop table, filling little handsewn bags with lavender, listening to the birdsong and chatter as they quarreled over the birdseed in the bird feeder which sports a grinning cat holding a tray marked 'Free Bird Seed' with an array of dogs for company, I felt a sense of contentment, but also of unreality.

This is what I had longed for - to be removed from the limelight, to work from home, to live a simple life, and it was happening.  Suddenly, a wave of doubt crept over me - all the 'what ifs' crowded in, blurring my vision.  Was this to be transient?

I reminded myself that the decision to leave a wonderful full time music teaching post (supposed to be part time, but didn't work like that practically!) had not been taken lightly, and that much prayer had gone into it.  This, then, was the giant leap of faith, and this is what it must feel like to free fall - to surrender.  To let go, and let God...

And so, Muddy Paws Herb Farm & Insight Art Gallery is now up and running!  After frenzied preparation involving everyone in our household, an amazing amount of work has been got through.  We have a beautiful new deck designed and built by my husband and sons, helped by our wonderful gardener.  We have two picnic benches, and two double benches for shop display built by my husband.

Muddy Paws Farm Shop & Insight Art Gallery
In the past fortnight we have had two children's workshops - soapcrafting and Easter craft - hosted a garden club, had visitors from afar, and prepared a picnic basket for visitors from school.

Our herb nursery is benefitting from the recent rains and the herb display garden is flourishing, with an echinacea plant that looks picture perfect!

The Herb Display garden in early stages
On the animal front, there are broody hens left, right and centre!  A batch of 5 fluffy chicks hatched a week, with four the week before and we are now waiting for Tufty and Blackie to hatch their clutches some time later this week. 

Two mummies sitting side by side.  This broody thing is catching!!
The lavender fields have been pruned, and we have replaced around 200 bushes in preparation for wedding orders later this year and 'pick-your-own'.  Tomorrow it is time to tackle the veggie garden...Never a dull moment for a smallholder!

If God can be for us, who can be against us? 

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