Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Soap!!

Look at our beautiful gift boxes!

"Ooooh!  Cool!", "Hah!", "Wow" - These were the sounds emanating from our lovely new craft workshop area at Muddy Paws Farm as the children popped out their shiny, perfect little soaps from their moulds...Soapcrafting has to be one of my favourite workshops!  This time we had a perfect mix of boys and girls, and it was hard to tell which group was more excited about their soap.  They spent the morning learning about melt 'n pour soap and how to colour, scent and customize their soap.  It was very interesting to hear how some boys changed their minds about making the soaps as gifts before the workshop,  to firmly declaring after the workshop that their soap was to be their special soap and "no one else could have it, but me"!

The boys display their handicraft!

At our Easter Craft Workshop we made little beaded cross necklaces after remembering and discussing the signifigance of the cross at Easter,  and fun Easter Bunny sweet holders. The children also learned how to fashion a bunny from a flannel.  There was much discussion about how these crafts could be adapted to bless others at Easter.  This is always such a blessing to me - I feel that one should teach with a purpose of providing others with skills and a desire to 'play it forward' - that, I feel, is the true purpose of teaching. 

A bonus during a break at our Easter Craft Workshop was the appearance of 3 fluffy new born chicks (with more being hatched right now I suspect!) from under the two mummy hens, Speckles and Blackie, sitting side by side in the rabbit hutch!  What punctual creatures these chickens are!

Daisy, our cow, was treated to lots of attention, but was not interested in the carrots pulled from the garden to feed her, and so the carrots were fed to Gracie Bunny, who even consented to being picked up and held!

What a lovely and blessed day!

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