Monday, February 28, 2011

Creative Garden Recycling

My favourite gardens are those which surprise you with recycled items and ornaments.  Being a smallholder, one is always trying to make something out of nothing, and recently I racked my brains on how to make herb markers for my newly laid out display herb garden.  After seeing some very smart herb engraved metal herb markers, I suddenly hit on an idea....

I HATE throwing tins away, and so hoard them until I find a use for them, but I have never found a use for the round ends which come off with a tin can opener....that is, until TODAY!!!

Thyme herb marker
I rushed into my workroom, found a few tin can lids, took a small hammer and a nail.  After marking the name of a herb in permanent marker, I began hammering away, etching the name with nail and hammer.  I then made a larger hole at the top, through which I threaded a thick wire which served as a support, and...Viola!  I had a herb marker made out of recycled material!  It does take concentration, cramping fingers and some toil, but the result is well worth the effort.  Well, I think so, anyway!

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