Friday, January 14, 2011

Learning about Lavender...


This week saw the first of our herbal workshops for children for 2011 - even the light rain could not deter our budding horticulturists!  After discussing what herbs and particularly what lavender is, the different varieties, the history and the uses of God's little miracle plant, we donned makeshift rain capes in the form of bright orange plastic recycling bags and made our way into the muddy lavender fields and surrounds to take cuttings and a little yoghurt tub filled with river sand back to the craft room.  Once there, the children learned how to strip the lower leaves, dip the raw heel into rooting powder and then press into river sand - with care, these little cuttings should root within the next 4 weeks or so, and be ready to be planted out into a bigger container.  The children also learned how to repot a lavender seedling plug, complete with established roots and this was theirs to keep!
Even the rain didn't stop the young horticulturists!

After a quick stop for some juice and biscuits, it was back to the craft room to learn how to make a lavender sachet with dried lavender.  The children were so intrigued by the strong smell of the lavender as they worked - they could not believe that I had not put perfume on the dry flowers!  They did a wonderful job - from the smallest to the tallest - and I was so impressed by their creativity once again in their unique choice and use of decorative ribbons.  Yet another lovely morning spent with little minds, eager to learn!  

Look what we made!

Hard at work!

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