Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Walking in Wonder

Over 7 months ago, I felt an irresistible call to a simpler life.  It was not that I was dissatisfied in my profession as a classroom music teacher - in fact, everything could not have been better or busier.  But, in my spirit, I had a feeling that my season was over.  I questioned my decision daily, as I really love the children that I teach, and had to face the fear of the unknown as I moved toward a completely different life - establishing a home-based herb business.

I have prayed much about this, and have been trying to test the waters on living on less income, and there have been some times which have been scary...During the past month, however, I have been completely amazed at how God has provided for us, and how interested people have been in what I will be taking on.  I somehow just feel that His safety net is there for me, and when people have placed orders for lavender flowers or herbs, it has been without any major sales pitch or advertising - it has just happened. I constantly am reminded and stand in awe of His amazing love and faithfulness with every order I get - I firmly believe that it is His hand that has prompted it!  What an amazing God - I walk in wonder!


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