Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Speckles is surprised...

A glistening white egg

Speckles jumped off her nest of eggs with much chattering and muttering, hurrying toward the chicken feed bowl and furiously pecking away at the food, scratching in the soil for more tasty tidbits and rushing a drink of water on her daily 10 minute round before making a ziggedy-zaggedy way back to her nest in the henhouse.  Suddenly she spied a glistening white new-laid extra super-large egg nestling in the fresh straw in the henhouse next door to her broody, oh my, she thought that she had arrived in heaven...she skwawked and with three lopsided skips in the air, she bounded into the henhouse and, without any further ado, plonked herself fairly and squarely on this very large treasure! 
What had happened was that Goose had laid her egg in the henhouse, and Speckles had fallen in love with it!  Unfortunately, I had to coax her off it and pop her back on her own nest, which was just as well as she hatched a chick the very next day!

In Heaven!! 

Meanwhile, Curly had hatched her first little chick, and was awaiting the birth of the second in henhouse no. 3.  Now, just one more broody hen to go...!

One tiny chick peeps out, newborn!

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