Thursday, November 18, 2010


There it was - a perfect, smooth, dark, blue-green courgette, nestling beneath a prickly star shaped leaf!  A courgette, yes, but what a BEAUTY!!  This one had taken full advantage of the warm weather, the ample rainfall and had escaped the ravages of the local monkey population - it had grown to almost a foot in length and was so fat that I could not put my fingers around it.  I could almost taste the victory!  Grasping my cutting shears, a severed it at the stalk and placed in into the veggie basket.  Checking under the next leaf, I could not believe the blessing - yes, another one!  This, too, joined the veggie basket.  Moving on to the squash patch, another surprise awaited me.  Several perfectly round gem squash awaited clipping.  Today was to be a bonus day!

Harvesting your own vegetables that you have grown and tended with your own hands is the most amazing feeling - you stand in awe of the whole process of growing food, and then you suddenly realise that  anyone can plant seeds, but it is God who makes it happen.
This week, we have sat at table and given thanks for the food harvested before us:  homegrown gem squash, potatoes, courgettes, beetroot and cucumber.  It has also crossed my mind that, not only were we saving a considerable amount of money -taking into account the fact that they were totally organically grown and therefore worth far more than commercially grown pesticide-ridden vegetables - but that they were as fresh as they could be, encompassing all the goodness that the soil had to offer, and so we were eating simply, but, oh, so richly!

It is true that in a garden you are closer to God... 

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