Thursday, November 18, 2010

Broody bunch

Speckles is sitting again!!! And, what's more, Curly is sitting too!!!  Both silly girls are sitting on one egg each, and won't let me near their nests.  I was very excited to be getting some eggs again after we chased Ratty away, and so all my eggs are in the fridge right now and no good for hatching, so I can't even slip a few under the would be mommas.  I have no idea why Curly is sitting so soon, but Speckles lost her chicks, so I can understand why she is anxious to try again.  Tufty, who hatched a brood with Curly, has been left on her own to raise the 5 rapidly growing chicks.  They are so healthy, and have the most perfect little yellow feet.  Only one looks like Curly, the others all look a bit like Tufty, although only one has a tufty head!  A couple of them have fluffy legs, just like Tufty.
I will never understand how people can find it in themselves to raise chickens in the battery method - in cages where all the hens do is eat and lay eggs.  Possibly worst of all is the factory style farming where meat chickens are raised indoors in chicken houses on a diet which increases their growth rate for a quick profit - these practices are barbaric, to say the least and were unheard of until less than 60 years ago. 
Once you have seen a chicken scratching in the soil and delighting in pecking the little creatures it unearths, or a mother hen clucking protectively over her brood and calling them to her scratch patch to partake of the goodies she has found, you will never again be able to look at commercial chicken houses with anything but derision.  It is a sad state of affairs when money happens to be the bottom line.

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