Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good neighbour and a cow

A phone call from my neighbour friend, Chris, and it was all set up.  Daisy was to receive her first vaccinations that afternoon.  Chris had four bullocks of his own, and had managed to get the necessary vaccines for blackquarter, anthrax and lumpy skin and had some left over, which he kindly offered to me. 
Although very grateful for his kind offer, my stomach lurched at the thought of injecting Daisy again. 
She had never had any vaccines before, but a year ago, at the age of 5 months, she had been very ill, and I had had to inject her several times with antibiotics.  My mind raced with the possibilities of all the things that could go wrong - what if she was allergic to the vaccines?  What if the wound became infected?  What if the needle broke?  What if......?  The common sense side of my brain kicked in, arguing that these things were a matter of course, and that thousands of cattle were innoculated annually, and were the better for it! 
Just after lunch, I heard the gentle roar of Chris's bike as he left his property across the valley and drove around to mine.  It was time!
Grabbing the harness, my husband and son and clutching new needles and syringes, we greeted Chris and resolutely led him down to Daisy.  We roped Daisy and reassured her, while Chris filled the syringe - he handed the loaded syringe to me and I did the customary 'bang, bang, bang' with my closed fist on her rump before plunging the needle in.  Daisy jumped, but then stood quite still while I injected her.  We let her run and coaxed her back for the second and third injection.  What a good girl she was!  Chris had told me nightmare stories about how difficult another bull owner's session had been, where 3 men had to physically fight the bull to get him immobilised to give the injections.
Breathing a huge sigh of relief, we all retired to the kitchen to enjoy a cooldrink and then bid Chris a farewell.
Walking back down to Daisy's field, I caught sight of her calmly grazing, as if nothing had happened.  I stopped for a moment, and thanked God for placing me in a community where people were still willing to help one another - not for any other purpose than that of blessing someone else.  Too many times we get caught up in the rush of the world and forget to live....
Daisy enjoying a good scratch

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