Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Early morning...

Early morning view
My favourite time of the day is the early morning, and this morning was so beautiful that I had to take some photos to share - the purple carpet of jacaranda flowers stretching toward our front gate is the one greeting me out of my bedroom window, while the yellow carpet of tree flowers in the back garden is like a sunshine fix! 
A yellow carpet of tree flowers
My veggie patch has certainly taken off, and is now rapidly beginning to bear - We had a dinner of homecooked vegetable stew and homebaked bread yesterday.  Oh, the joy of rummaging in the soil to pick your own potatoes, or discovering a new squash amongst the leaves, or seeing tiny green tomatoes just beginning on the stem...
It's funny how you plant something, expecting it to grow and bear fruit, but when it actually does, your heart leaps in amazement!  How awesome the riches and the treasures of our God...how perfect the design!
My veggie patch at present!

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