Saturday, November 6, 2010

Big Jack and the Rat

The day broke with beautiful rays of unexpected sunshine.  "Much rain expected over KwaZulu-Natal tomorrow," said my favourite weather man on the news report last night.
 "Well," I thought, "He must be wrong.  The terrific storm and heavy downpour last night must have been earlier than expected."  I remembered these cheerful, know-it-all thoughts as I leaned forward in the gale force wind, rain splattering my face and jeans and running off my rain jacket, bits of straw flying everywhere and struggled down to the chicken pen to give the 5 baby chicks and two mums, Curly and Tufty, some fresh, clean and dry bedding.
Having sorted their grasscatcher that serves as their shelter a clean out and replaced the bedding, I caught sight of the other grasscatcher in the coop that had served as a shelter for the teenagers and Lucky (mommy chicken) until just a few days ago.  The rain had got in, and the straw and mud had begun to smell rather pungent.  Without further ado, I whisked the grasscatcher up energetically, and got the fright of my life.  A small brownish-grey, velvety creature spied me with two shiny black beady eyes, obviously as confused and surprised as I was....After a few petrified seconds, it shot off under the edge of the coop in the direction of a large mound of dry leaves, just as I was beginning to recognise what it was.  Yes, it was a rat!
Now, these things are commonplace in country living, I know, but I will never get over how destructive such a charming little creature can be...and it suddenly dawned on me why my egg production had been so drastically low for the past few months.  Ratty certainly looked the picture of health, well rounded with glossy fur!  Hmmm!  Well, I don't mean to be mean, but I certainly hope that Joseph and Mary (both excellent mousers) will sort my problem out.....

Anyway, getting back to this beautiful, early morning, I opened my lounge curtains to see Big Jack, my huge cross Boerbul/Great Dane lying spread out on my large garden table - I have never had a dog who sleeps on a table before.  I wonder if he thinks he is a cat?  I couldn't resist and took a picture to share.
Worse was still to come, however, as we discovered that he had spent the night asleep on the top of the roof of my Corsa lite - the evidence being a large dent in my roof (which easily popped out, thank goodness!), muddy paw prints on my bonnet, and a huge muddy mess on my roof.  What in the world got into his head?  I sincerely hope this does not happen again....

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  1. And now you know he DID climb up on the car again! How will we stop this lunatic behaviour?