Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rain at last!

Fresh, clean, invigorating and cool!  After months and months without rain, the sound of the rain pattering on the ground and dripping from the windowsills, bouncing off the bobbing leaves could be equated to heavenly delight!  The lavender bushes have all responded by pushing out hundreds of new stems with little green flowerbuds on the ends - and the vegetable seedlings have sprouted about an inch in a day!

What a wonderful thing water is...there is no other liquid so precious.  To think that we are the only planet that we know of so far that has this lifegiving substance - so perfectly designed.  Indescribable.  Incredible. Awesome.  What a beautiful and precious gift.

Curly and Tufty hatched 5 beautiful dark brown pompoms of chicks - they are such proud mothers.  At the slightest approach, they fluff themselves up to twice their size and cluck protectively over their little ones, who rush to peep out from under their wings.  They sleep side by side in the old grass catcher which serve as a nesting box for them, caring for their family.

Thank you Lord for the beauty with which You surround us.

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