Sunday, October 31, 2010


One of our visitors from the Herb Society enquired as to how many chicks had hatched between Tufty and Curly and I realised that I had not completed my story...Tufty and Curly are the very proud mothers of 5 little chicks, growing daily.  So perfectly formed, and getting their new feathers, all in an assortment of colours, but mainly dalmation style!  Yes - true 'Sharks' colours - black and white! (Sharks is the name of our provincial rugby team).  Unfortunately the last of our teenage girls was taken by a genet we think, so I do hope these ones survive when we release them from the protective 'nursery' when they are bigger. 

Dear Goose had to be prodded off her nest again - it was heartbreaking to see how distressed she was, and so disappointing to see that all her eggs, except one, had been stolen - maybe by the mongoose or even the monkeys which are part and parcel of semi-rural living here.  Of course, the one she was sitting on was rotten.  After a brief period of mourning, she is now once again the picture of health.  I think we need more female geese to keep her company.  Perhaps the male geese would stop being so grumpy!

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