Sunday, September 19, 2010

Speckles sits!

Spring is certainly in the air!  This morning I went down to the Chicken Coop and found Speckles sitting rather flatly in the one nesting box.  This took me quite by surprise as I had collected all the eggs yesterday.  I had noticed, however, that there were quite a few tiny black feathers in the nesting box when I last checked for eggs yesterday.  This morning she was well and truly ensconced in the box, and bristled and threatened me as I tried to catch a glimpse of what she was sitting on.  I suspect it may only be one egg!  I will try to slide some more eggs under her tomorrow.

Unfortunately, only two of the three young 'teenage girls' have survived after I released them from captivity.  I was hoping that they were big enough not to be in danger, having kept them enclosed while they were still small, but it was not to be...One has a curly head and the other has a tufty head.  Will have to name them quick - I think curly head will probably be called Beep-beep! because she looks just like the Road Runner cartoon character!

A very flat, broody Speckles!
Goose is extremely protective over her nest and I have not been able to get near her - Gershwin is a constant nuisance, attacking me at every opportunity.  The only way that I can get on with my chores is to pick him up, restrain his neck and tuck him firmly under my arm.  When I release him, he indignantly splutters his woes to Godzilla and Gilbert, all the while flapping his wings.  Godzilla and Gilbert nod in affirmation at 'that silly lady in wellies...'

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