Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lock up your chickens!

Sadly, we discovered that one of our 'teenage girls' and Brownie had been attacked during the night and so we are down to seven hens, one 'teenager' and two roosters.  We have decided to secure the coops at night - we had just left the doors open, but will not lock up at night for the hens' safety.  We still have three hens broody, so will see how all turns out.
Goose is still sitting pretty and will not allow anyone near.  She is beginning to look a little ragged, and has a pinkish marking on her top beak.  I remember that I had to forcibly remove her from the nest last year, as her eggs were not fertilised - I do hope they are fertilised this year.  I would love to see little goslings!
The two babies are still in the cage with mom (Lucky), and growing daily.  Amazing how such little creatures can make such a piercing peeping noise!

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