Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Our general odd job man and my hunk had the arduous task of changing the supporting gum poles of the shed where we were working, which were rather the worse for wear after many years of service.  The shed is an enormous contraption, measuring about 15 metres across and 12 metres down.  The roofing was removed a couple of weeks ago, and we are now planning to partially replace the roof with 100% solarshade cloth, and the rest with very light shadecloth.  This will make a lovely light area for me to propagate plants and seedlings, and provide a shelter from the gum tree leaves and branches often shed by Ol' Grandpa Gum.
The particular gum pole they were working on was attached to an electric socket, believed to be disconnected.  'She Who Knows All Things' - me - said "Are you sure that socket is disconnected?".  The condescending reply came:  "Of course, dear - the electrician said it was when he rewired for us two years or so back."  At the last moment, my dear husband thought better and decided to test the socket by plugging in his drill.....Lo and behold, the drill screamed to life, and we all stood transfixed!  Our odd jobs man stood back, screwdriver in hand, rather pale in face (he happens to have a very African skin, so this indeed was a wondrous sight!).
 My dear husband had learned a valuable lesson - NEVER assume where electricity is concerned!

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