Wednesday, August 18, 2010


A beautiful day!  Took 300 cuttings of stoechas, Margaret Roberts and Dentata lavenders, some rosemary and two from a small lemon verbena plant.  Spring is coming, and this should be the ideal time to take cuttings - all they will need is a little care!

As Daisy's season was over, I decided to take her to the Orchard field and let her graze there - the fence is not so good there, and if she was there whilst in her season, she would probably jump it to reach the bull who lives two properties over - and she spent a wonderful time tipping her water pool over.  When I went to move her back to her pen, she seemed so peaceful that I decided to do without the harness.  What a mistake!  She walked nonchalantly toward her pen, turned her head to the left and spied freedom - she hurtled down towards the lavender fields and I was only just able to get in front of her to close the gates.  Ernest helped me coax her back into her pen.  Of course, she thought this was a WONDERFUL game!

Back to the kitchen now - fresh baked bread and bean soup!

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